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Our Team

We're here to build a diverse community of like-minded coffee enthusiasts, with a passion for sustainability and the great outdoors. 



René Steenvoorden (he/him)

Owner & Director Business Development


Favorite outdoor activities: scrambling alpine ridges, chopping wood, fast & light adventures, motorcycle travel

Quote: "I love inspiring people to spend more time outdoors - adventuring responsibly with good people and quality, sustainable coffee. The best moments are often found in the simple things in life."


Adam Jensen (he/him)

Head Roaster


Favorite outdoor activities: climbing, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, road trips in the truck camper

⁠Quote: "It’s important to me to roast our coffee with excellence, attention, and hard work because it brings people together and stewards our natural resources well."


Hayden Charlwood (he/him)

Senior Barista



Favorite outdoor activities: climbing, hiking, cycling, running, camping and backpacking

⁠Quote: "Coffee, community, and the outdoors all come together at Bivouac. I love being able to see the impact we have on our community as well as furthering our sustainability goals!"


Hannah Jensen (she/her)

Senior Barista & Head of Training



Favorite outdoor activities: skiing, climbing, whitewater rafting, plein air painting

⁠Quote: "One of the simple joys in my life is crafting coffee that’s not only sustainably produced, but tasty and beautiful. To me, that’s what sets Bivouac apart- taking the extra moment to create something above and beyond the expectation."


Anna Schreffler (she/her)




Favorite outdoor activities: hiking, climbing, camping, skiing, international travel, researching native ecology

⁠Quote: I love that Bivouac coffee not only inspires us to seek out more outdoor adventures, but also provides a starting point for conversations about sustainability and what each of us can do to promote positive change on both a local and global scale.


Kay Kittelberger (she/her)

Senior Barista



Favorite outdoor activities: hiking, camping, snowboarding and swimming

⁠Quote: Bivouac inspires the community to get out into nature and promotes sustainability - which adds quality to everyone's daily life.

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