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Our Team



René Steenvoorden (he/him)

Owner & Director Business Development


Favorite outdoor activities: scrambling sketchy alpine ridges, chopping wood, fast & light adventures, motorcycle travel

Quote: "I love inspiring people to spend more time outdoors - adventuring responsibly with good people and quality, sustainable coffee. The best moments are often found in the simple things in life."


Scott Wilton (he/him)

Head Roaster


Favorite outdoor activities: rock climbing, trail running, and mountain unicycling

⁠Quote: "I love helping people learn more, and get the most out of any experience. So if you want to improve your coffee making at home, or learn more about our process at Bivouac, stop by the Tasting Room and I’m happy to chat!"


Justin Cygan (he/him)

Operations Manager



Favorite outdoor activities: snowboarding, cycling, skateboarding, and birdwatching

⁠Quote: "Coffee is a catalyst for community. I enjoy the daily interactions that occur over a cup of coffee, and the way that the simple drink can foster great ideas and help illuminate global issues such as water usage and climate change."


Jaxon Hinch (he/him)




Favorite outdoor activities: camping, backpacking, fishing and anything that involves quiet places in nature.

⁠Quote: "The only thing better than a perfect cup of coffee is a beautiful place to drink it. We have both here at Bivouac."


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