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What is naturally processed coffee?
Brief overview. Learn more here.

Are your beans: Fair Trade, organic, sustainable,  shade grown, etc.?
In many cases, yes. However, our first priority is quality and flavor. Sometimes these priorities align and our producers are certified organic and/or fair trade. We always pay well above fair trade rates (which are quite low and don’t guarantee sustainability or quality).

Often times, the producers we work with are too small to gain certifications. It’s expensive and laborious. 

Huckleberry Roasters is focused on sourcing, roasting and brewing tasty coffee. We do not find coffee specifically for being certified, nor do we intentionally avoid it. We do our very best to buy coffee that is responsibly and sustainably grown, harvested and imported. Additionally, we often try to buy coffee that has the most immediate and direct developmental impact at origin.

As a company, we're not USDA organic-certified. That means, even when we source coffees that are USDA organic-certified, we can't actually market any of our coffees as being so. If you'd like to know which coffees in our lineup are grown using organic practices, feel free to email scott@bivouac.coffee

Our coffees are not Fair Trade certified, but we feel they are better. Fair Trade is a well intentioned model that helped shift the conversation towards paying commodity producers more for their labor. But we're not roasting commodity grade coffee. We work with farmers who are taking exceptional steps to produce great coffee, and reward them for that quality. As we grow, we actively seek to build more direct relationships with growers, and always pay far more than the Fair Trade price for our coffees.

On the sustainability front, we support farmers who are undertaking practices to make their coffee production more environmentally friendly. And on the financial side, we work to form long-term, direct relationships with farmers that are mutually beneficial to both parties. This is why you'll see many of the same coffees in our lineup, year after year - we want our small role in the supply chain to be dependable for the farmers who grow our coffee. The hope is that we'll get access to better, more consistent coffee and farmers get more money for their farms, families and communities.

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When is my coffee still fresh?

We recommend drinking our coffee within one month of the roast date. Most of our coffees taste best however within 2 - 14 days of roast date.

For espresso, we recommend using coffee that has rested at least 7 days after roast date. This is because coffee gives off CO2 after roasting that can interfere with extraction. One way to get around this is to let your ground espresso dose sit for 30-120 minutes before pulling the shot. Email info@colorroasters.com for more questions about this.

If you are pre-grinding the coffee, we recommend drinking the coffee within one week of grinding.

What is the best way to brew my coffee?


Can I order bulk bags (e.g. 5 lbs)?

Yes! Reach out to us via our contact form and we can talk details.

Where can I find Bivouac Coffee?

We ship coffee to some of the best cafes, restaurants and breweries in the U.S. To find Bivouc near you, drop us a line at info@bivouac.coffee. Nothing close to you? start an order!

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