Bivouac Coffee

"Simple coffee from shrub to cup. Naturally processed, responsibly sourced, and sustainably roasted to inspire a remarkable life in the wild." 

- Kyle Benson, Bivouac Coffee Co. Co-Founder and Roaster

Quotes from the Cup:


"After an early morning trail run or a ride on some of my favorite single track, I crave that first sip of coffee. Bivouac is the perfect brew for those cool mornings and outdoor adventures. I love the smooth taste and the fact that Bivouac is an environmentally responsible company you can't find a better company to support!"

- Ali, Mile & Coffee Crusher


"My mornings depend on getting started the right way, and this coffee is the key to that! Whether it's a day hitting the slopes or I'm hitting that morning commute, these are the grounds that get me to my destination."

-Benny, Weekend Warrior & 9-5 Caffeine Addict


"Rad name even more rad of a taste! Keep up the good work!"

- Didier, Class V River Rat