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Coffee Tasting Experience


Next date: Saturday June 12th @ 10am.

Explore the world of coffee tasting in this 1h30m experience at the Bivouac Coffee Tasting Room!

Cost: $40 per person

Ever wanted to learn more about tasting different coffees? How about the difference between Central American, South American, and African coffees? What's the truth about light roasts vs dark roasts?

In this experience, you'll learn about:

  • Where coffee comes from (hint, it's the seed of a fruit!), and how the country of origin, elevation, and growing method affect flavor
  • How to read all the different descriptors that might be on a bag of coffee (roast, origin, elevation, processing, etc)
  • How the brewing method can impact different flavors
  • Are the various tasting notes on a bag (e.g. "strawberry") really accurate?

Of course, it won't be all talk! You'll have a chance to taste four different origins of coffee, brewed by our coffee expert and head roaster, Scott. We'll guide you through noticing different flavors, and help you discover what you like the most!

Geared towards all experience levels, no prior coffee knowledge is necessary and we're sure even a bean expert will learn something new during this class.

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Coming Soon

Better Brewing at Home

Learn the science behind brewing coffee, and simple steps you can take to improve your morning experience!


Custom Options

We're happy to create a custom class to suit your needs! Perhaps it's a one-on-one with your home espresso machine. Or you'd like to do one of our classes above as a staff retreat? Maybe you've always wanted to impress your friends with awesome latte art. We have years of teaching experience, so bring your team to our Tasting Room, or we can come to you.

Reach out to our Head Roaster and coffee nerd extraordinaire, Scott, via scott@bivouac.coffee for more info.

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