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Join Our Refill Program and Get a Free Coffee Container

Going back for ages, humans and animals have used containers for storage of food, tools, etc. Containers are often used for transport, such as a backpack, while other times for protection, organization and/or preservation- like with storage of coffee or sugar. It’s funny how sometimes small things can make such a big difference in our daily lives or workflows/routines. If you are someone who consumes coffee daily, then storage of your whole bean or ground coffee should be at the top of the list for ensuring each cup stays fresh and retains its depth and richness.

This is the number one recommendation and consideration for a better cup in the morning. Why? It’s cheap and easy. One might ask, “If I go through my coffee fairly quickly, why should I consider a storage container?” There are many reasons to choose a dedicated container for your coffee, but primarily I’d say the two that seem most important is that a container is a sustainable approach to your periodic purchase of coffee, much like a reusable thermos or travel mug for your favorite drinks. And second is a short chemistry lesson - storing coffee in anything that is not airtight starts the process of oxidation. The end result is a cup that can become stale with no aroma.

Given the mission of Bivouac Coffee in promoting conservation and sustainability, we came up with a great offer starting January 22nd for customers - You will receive a FREE refillable container (mason jar) with the purchase of 12 ounces of either whole bean or ground coffee. This promotion will run through the next two weeks, ending February 5th.

Additionally, we will be offering a 20% discount on all of our Bivouac branded Airscape containers (purchase one per customer, while supplies last). The Airscape containers work by evacuating the oxygen in the canister by pushing it out simply by putting the lid securely in place. Doing so effectively extends the life of your coffee beans or grounds by keeping moisture, light, and air away. The clear, top lid lets you easily see how much coffee you have left without compromising the freshness. Whether you’re a coffee snob or just enjoy your morning cup of joe, the Airscape Container is a quality addition to your brewing routine.

This is a great gift for those that enjoy coffee, as well as a great choice for a richer, more sustainable cup of your next brew. We look forward to seeing you at Bivouac!

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