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3 Ways to Simplify Your Approach to Better Coffee

A new year is here: a great time to evaluate last year and determine how to do things better this year. It's an exciting time for many, and I have been enjoying conversations with customers around forming better habits, living more healthy and simplifying the day-to-day. 

Since coffee is our world, here are some tips to drink better coffee without the hassle. 

1) Commit to drinking better coffee. The coffee world is complicated and confusing, to say the least. What really matters? Is it the certifications on the bag? Washed or natural process coffee? Locally roasted by a small business or in an industrial factory? What about roast date versus shelf life? We believe it starts with commitment to what matters most to you - in our case that is to only source and roast naturals, which have a smaller environmental footprint and a smooth, non-acidic flavor profile. 

2) Get a coffee subscription. Skip shopping on Amazon or ongoing trips to the grocery store. We have many customers who explored our line-up of coffees, picked their favorite and signed up for a subscription directly with us. It provides ultimate flexibility, as you can change or cancel orders at any time.

3) Buy in bulk. When stored right, high-quality whole bean coffee stays fresh for a long time. We recommended getting an air-tight storage container, allowing you to buy bulk bags online and store the beans in your coffee canister at home (they look great too). Bonus: much less risk of running out.

Happy New Year!

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