About Bivouac Coffee Co.

Say: /ˈbivo͞oˌak/

Bivouac Coffee Co P.B.C. is a micro coffee roaster based in the mountains of Evergreen Colorado. Bivouac exclusively roasts environmentally friendly, naturally processed coffees, from adventurous origins around the world. 

Bivouac is a Public Benefit Cooperation in Colorado. We are legally obligated to operate with the highest environmental and social standards possible.
10% of our net revenue is donated to outdoor recreation and environmental non-profits.
Our roastery is based In a cabin that was built in 1935 and we are currently listed as a “cottage food” producer. Due to this designation, we are only permitted to ship coffee to Colorado addresses. Please email us directly if you would like to try bivouac coffee or order bivouac branded gear from outside of the state of Colorado. 
 The methods in which we source, roast, package, and serve coffee makes us one of the most environmentally friendly coffee roasters in the world today. 
Bivouac does not have a fixed retail location, but you can experience bivouac coffee with our new overland brew bar truck in beautiful places around Colorado.
 Coffee is an inherently wild crop, picked by farmers that hike into the mountains, to tend to their lots. Natural processing methods allow the farmer to independently process their crop, with as little infrastructure possible. This traditional processing method drastically reduces the water and energy required to create a finished coffee for export. At Bivouac, we roast to express the wild flavors hidden within each naturally processed coffee, to inspire the wild thing within you. 
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Phone: 720-588-8761
Email: info@bivouac.coffee