Brazil - Fazenda Moinho - Yellow Bourbon - 12oz

Brazil - Fazenda Moinho - Yellow Bourbon - 12oz

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Country Brazil
Region Mantequeira de Minas
Farm Moinho
Variety Yellow Bourbon
Altitude 100–1525 masl


Notes: Sugary and heavy with caramel, chocolate and fruit flavors.

Fazenda Moinho is a 120-hectare farm with 100 hectares planted with coffee, a total of about 600,000 trees. The farm is owned by Robson Vilela Martins, Robson was a dentist in his former life, and now he is the owner of several farms and a Cup of Excellence winner, as well as very high-scoring producer from Carmo Best Cup.

"I always ask the opinion of the employees in my day-to-day life," Robson said. "I never make an important decision alone because they were born here, they know a lot about coffee, and I always learn a lot from them. Every morning we gathered under a big tree near the farmyard where we talked and discussed the activities that each one will carry out on that day."